Schengen Visa Rejected Twice! Reapply?

I initially applied to Germany through a Travel agent and after a long wait my visa got rejected because they did find the hotel reservations convincing enough.
As per the suggestion of the travel agent, I applied again to Netherlands and that was rejected too. This time the reason was the that the travel ticket reservations are no longer valid. I had ensured that i made legitimate stay bookings that could be confirmed since this was a problem the last time. Basically, the agent booked dummy tickets and that turned out to be a problem.
I wanted to reapply to Netherlands but do it on my own this time with proper flight tickets and hotel reservations. All the other documents are in place viz. Tax fillings, employer NOC, salary slips. Bank account showing more than sufficient funds.

I am honestly looking forward to any advice that I can get as i am quite frustrated at this point!

Asked on October 7, 2016 in Travel Visa.
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