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Hi I am a Canadian citizen, currently working in USA with my TN status.  Since my wife is a bangladeshi citizen (we married recently), she applied for TD visa from Bangladesh, however she was rejected. So I found that TD visa is not very known in US embassy at Bangladesh (since TD/TN is for canadians/mexicans), so they refused on the ground of 214(b).  I have never heard of a TD visa refusals but those applications were made in Canada, may be that is the difference. Now there is a new situation. I am moving to UK now and applied for Tier 5 work visa for 2 years duration. I got the visa and now my wife will apply for visa as a dependent of mine (we plan to arrive to uk on the same day (I from usa and she for Bangladesh) ).  I am confused while filling out her visa application for UK. It is asking for the information that if she was ever refused for any country in last 10 years. I have a feeling that answering it ‘yes’ may reduce the chance of her UK visa (since US  visa was refused due to lack of tie to her home country which does not make any sense though ). Answering it ‘no’ will be a lie but will increase the chances of visa it seems. Can someone plz suggest what i should do ? does uk and usa share visa refusal informations?

Asked on June 27, 2016 in Migrate Visas.
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